British Whites History

The British Whites first came to notice in 1697 on the dispersal of the herd at Whalley Abbey. This herd is considered the fountainhead of the breed and was probably created by crossing a polled bull from Cleveland, in northeast England, with the ‘wild’ horned white cattle of the area near Whalley. These cattle went to Gisburne and then to Somerford around 1725. From there it spread to East Anglia which was for many years the center of activity for … Read More

Murray Grey History

The Murray Grey breed of cattle began in Australia along the Murray River in New South Wales. In 1905, on the property of Peter and Eva Sutherland a light roan shorthorn cow, when bred to various Aberdeen Angus bulls produced only grey calves. She had produced twelve of them by 1917, which were the origin of this breed. The herd was sold to Helen Sutherland in 1929, who started a systematic breeding program.Mervyn Gadd started a second Murray Grey herd … Read More

Eliza 1767

Photo ID: 1767 Name: Eliza Ear Tag #: H196-174a Born: 22-May-11 Dam:Elizabeth Sire: Kenton Fresh Date: 2-Apr-17 Sire: BW Sex: steer Calf(s)#: 4th c Bred Date: Too early to breed Sire: n/a Due Date: n/a

Elaine 1724

Photo ID: 1724 Name: Elaine Ear Tag #: H243-196c Born: 19-Feb-16 Dam: Eliza Sire: Gable Fresh Date: (heifer) Sire: n/a Sex: n/a Calf(s)#: n/a Bred Date: Not bred Sire: n/a Due Date: n/a

Felicia 1725

Photo ID: 1725 Name: Felicia Ear Tag #: H238-174e Born: 13-Sep-15 Dam: Elizabeth Sire: Francois Fresh Date: (heifer) Sire: n/a Sex: n/a Calf(s)#: n/a Bred Date: 19-Dec-16 Sire: BB Tony Due Date: 25-Sep-17

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